Projects Executed

Below are a list of projects Bablink Resources have handled and executed successfully:

Ofuene, Kogi State - Jan. 2015

The Nigeria Gas Company as part of its energy feedstock and development programs especially for utilization of Natural gas as an alternative to Crude Oil in generating Power to industrial users, has competitively selected Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited to construct and install gas facilities to transmit natural Gas of 8.5 mmscfd through a 6" x 1km gas pipeline to BN Ceramics industries limited Located at Ofunene in Kogi State.

The project is a complete EPCI project, which involves Engineering design, Procurement, Construction and Installation of PRMS, Civil Foundations, Structures , Cathodic Protection and Instrumentation systems.

The Project which was completed in March 2015 following 6 weeks of execution was achieved within budget and ahead of schedule using 100% local manpower.


Pre-comissioning works for the CNL Domestic Supply Obligation (DSO)
offshore Phase II project - Mar. 2015

Chevron Nigeria limited contracted HHI for the delivery and realization of their Gas Gathering and Compression Platform. This is in a bid to ensure compliance with Federal Government regulation on DOMGAS initiated the Western Delta Development Program which gives premise for gas gathering from selected Platforms within their South and North Offshore Operations / fields i.e Delta PP, Tapa PP, Parabe PP, Ewan PP and Sonam NWP to their newly constructed MEREN OFFHORE GGCP (Gas Gathering and Compression Platform). To this end, HHI engaged Bablink to execute Pre-commissioning of the Cluster Pipelines that runs from the distributary platforms i.e. Delta PP, Tapa PP, Parabe PP, Ewan PP and Sonam NWP to MEREN OFFHORE GGCP. The Precommissioning activities includes but not limited to Desalting, Dewatering, Drying and Nitrogen Purging activities.

Bablink, as a single point responsiblity provided the Vessels, Equipment, Manpower and other requirements as may be required for the successful completion of the pre-commissioning scope. The project was completed way ahead of schedule and within cost.

These activities has been achieved using 100% Local manpower.


Pre-commissioning of 24" x 4.0 km & 0.6 km of NGC
NOPL - Obigbo Node interconnectinG Gas Pipleing project - Dec. 2014



EPCI of UACL (Mid western) Pig Reciever Facilities & Lact Unit
at Eriemu - July 2014

Umugini Asset Company Limited (UACL) Piloted by Mid Western Oil and Gas Companyu, in a bid to increase production and crude oil Sales is investing in asset acquisition and field expansion project. The scope of work includes Engineering verification, Construction, Installation, Testing and commissioning of Pigging Receiver facilities and LACT unit at Eriemu. The WORKS (Pig Receiver and LACT unit) shall be eventually be connected to a 12x53km pipeline starting from Umusadege, (located in OML-56) and terminating at the NPDC manifold at Eriemu (OML30).

This scope is a complete EPCI project. The work was timely executed and completed within 3 weeks in spite of the prevailing swamp terrain challenges just to enable for earliest oil production, a development that was lauded by the UACL Group who in turn was able to resume production in earnest thereby achieving an immediate benefit of early return on their investment.

The Project delivery from Engineering to commissioning was completely executed by Nigerians and all works are completed to applicable standards, industry best practices and contract requirements to guarantee high quality, safe, operable and reliable facilities.


EPCI of CNL 12 Man Offshore Accommodation Module Dec, 2013. - 2013

Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited Successfully completed an EPCI of 12 Man Offshore Accomodation Module for CNL Meren Project. The Offshore Accommodation Module Construction Project in accordance with its design regulations and standards was first of its kind in-country. Given the complexity and specificity in design specifications, the Procurement indications summed at completion of project revealed that 40% of the materials was procured from abroad while 60% was sourced locally in Nigeria.

100% of the EPCI Project staff were Nigerians. The project given the lead time for items procured from abroad, was completed in 10months ( Dec, 2013 to Sept, 2014)


EPCI of Network/ OANDO Pipeline/ Flowline & Utility Line
for the Qua-Ibo surface facility project - Feb. 2014

Network Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited and her Partner Oando Plc competitively selected Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited to carry out surface facility development Project which includes Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of 4" x 7Km abnd 6" x 2Km Flowlines to connect the newly drilled wells ( 3ST, 4 and 5) at Qua Iboe and transmit product through the flowlines to FUN CGGF (Crude & Gas Gathering Facility) which belongs to the consortium of FRONTIER, UNIVERSAL AND NETWORK OIL.

Bablink provided all required documentations, calculations, deductions, construction, installation , Pre-commissioning and commissioning expectations of the Project. The Project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

The Project contributed immensely to the socio-economic empowerment of the Qua Iboe local population as 80% of the workforce deployed for the project are sourced from the Community. The Project was completed ahead of schedule and within buget with Zero LTI within 6 Months.



Chevron Nigeria Limited have commissioned their Firewater Tanks and Facilities but owing to excessive corrosion on the firewater tank, they were decommissioned and the firewater systems have since been non-operational. This development owing to the associated huge risk in exposing the Escravos Facilities to huge incident especially those associated with Fire have mandated Chevron Nigeria Limited to contract Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited for the Rehabilitation of the Tanks.

The Rehabilitation scope involves replacement of about 50% of the entire tank shells and 2 Nos Tank roofs. The activities required for successful achievement of the rehabilitation scope includes procurement, mobilization / demobilization, Scaffolding, Welding and fabrication, Blasting and Painting, Installation and Anodic Protection.

Bablink successfully completed the scope with 100% Local Manpower and to project requirement in line with industry standard and Specification.


EPCI of Gas Supply to Life Flour Mill Limited
OgoROde, Sapele, Delta State - Nov 2013

Nigerian Gas Company Limited (NGC) intends to construct a 6inch x 1.2km pipeline from downstream NGC Sapele metering station to Life Flour Mill Limited located at Ogerodo, Sapele, Delta State with associated gas turbine metering system. The Purpose is to transmit natural gas to the Flour Mill for Power generation for their Plant Turbines.

The Project is awarded as an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning Contract to Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited to design, construct, Install and commission the gas pipeline and gas metering facilities.

The Project was completed successfully in accordance with Client expectations and industry standard and specification.
Bablink in line with its Local Content development philosophy engaged 50% of the manpower for the execution of the Project from Sapele, the host community. The Project was completed with 3 Months which is ahead of Target schedule and within budget.



Chevron Nigeria Limited engaged Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited to install 29 Nos Mooring Piles in all to secure recently refurbished NCS and SCS Concrete Barges at Olero and Dibi Flowstations respectively.

Bablink had deployed its new D36 Hammer and Piling Crane to the Project which was successfully completed ahead of schedule and within budget.
100% Manpower deployed for the completion of the Project are Locals with 35% workforce from the community in accordance with CNL PGPA targets for the Project.


Escravos Produced Water Disposal (Pilling Project)

Chevron Nigeria Limited is presently executing the Escravos produced Water Disposal project which requires installation of over 300 Nos of 16" OD Steel Tubular Piles. These designed load bearing piles are required to carry PWD equipment.


to fulfiling this purpose, chevron Nigeria Limited has contractually engaged the Service of Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited to install these tubular steel piles within the Escravos Gas Plant.


Bablink commenced the project in March, 2013 and the project has since been handled with highest QHES, considering the sensitivity nature of the installation works, which is directly within the operational Escravos Gas Plant.


Chevron Nigeria Limited is presently executing the Escravos produced Water Disposal project which requires installation of over 300 Nos of 16" OD Steel Tubular Piles. These designed load bearing piles are required to carry PWD equipment.


to fulfiling this purpose, chevron Nigeria Limited has contractually engaged the Service of Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited to install these tubular steel piles within the Escravos Gas Plant.


Bablink commenced the project in March, 2013 and the project has since been handled with highest QHES, considering the sensitivity nature of the installation works, which is directly within the operational Escravos Gas Plant.

Construction of 10" x 40km Pipeline. (Pan Ocean)

In a bid to increase its BOPD capacity, Pan Ocean Oil Corporation of Nigeria is constructing a dual 10" x 67km piggable export pipeline that will transfer hydrocarbon from their multi-phase pumping station in Owa Aladinma to Ogharefe flowstation.


Bablink has been contractually engaged to install a section of the 10" x 67"km pipeline with the pigging facilities. This project is currently ongoing with Bablink's strategic cordinations of all CSR elements. Quality, Environment, Health ans Safety to ensuring successful completion of each phase of the pipeline construction project.


The project commenced in December 2012 and it is scheduled to be completed and delivered by July 2013.

Design, Construction & Installation of Intermediate Pigging Station

EHGC Intermediate Pigging Station Phase II was designed as a safely purpose vehicle for the operation and maintenance of the first concluded and operational UNICEM; Calabar to Akwa-Ibom 18" x 128km gas transmission pipeline.


Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited successfully executed the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the EHGC IPS Phase II scope which comprises of pig lauchers, pig recievers, pipe supports, anchoring, precommissioning, commissioning and reinstatement work.


This scope was carried out safely within schedule, using 100% local manpower to achieveing the successful completion of the project.

The project was completed in November of 2012

Concrete Barge Installation for Chevron

The North and South compression stations at Olero and Dibi flowstations respectively, was revamped to bring the flowstations back to their optimum production capacities. At the completion of all revamp works that was carried out offsite, the movement of be barges to their permanent locations was initiated by CNL in 2012.


Sequel to this development, Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited was contracted to position, ballast, sand-pad the bedding and deballast the concrete barge to thier final resting position or location at the Olero and Dibi Flowstations respectively.


Positioning of the N.C.S and S.C.S barges on location involved extreme tidal calculation, estimated positining timing, maneuvering of the barge, depth monitoring and above all constructive good planning.

This project was executed safely and successfully using 100% local workforce in 2012.

Emergency Replacement of 8" Isolation valves

Shell is restoring the existing NGC Escravos Gas Plant and Compression station at Ugborodo to its optimum production capacity. In line with the above, NGC in conjunction with SPDC contracted Bablink to replace 8" weld-on valve on their gas transmission pipeline to a full 8" x 600 full bore ball valve. This replacement was done to enable for a safter and serviceable operation of the valve with huge consideration on production and maintenance.


This project was executed successfully with zero LTI. The replacement was safely executed and 100% local manpower was deployed to achieving this project successfully within the scheduled tiime.

Shop Testing of various sizes (3/4" - 18") and types of Valves 

Chevron Nigeria Limited is presently contructing a 16" pipeline for Abiteye to Escravos. To achieving the end facilities installations, various sizes of valves are required. In line with the noted reqirement and CNL safety, quality and operational standards the valves are issued for integrity test to establish the interity of the valves.


Bablink Resouces Nigeria Limited carried out the integrity test in accordance with the applicable manufacturing design codes production parameters, specifications and standard practices.


All of the valves were tested to 125% in excess of MAOP of the facility.

The integrity test yielded results establishing faulty and acceptable valves for necessary installation and further maintenance by CNL.

The project was successfully carried out and complted in Decmeber of 2012.

Fabrication and Installation of steel structures

DIBI Flowstation has been foremost production facility in Chevron Nigeria Limited Swamp Operations in Nigeria. The facility was subjected to an upgrade in 2011 to 2012 that required various steel structures, spools and lines replacement, modification and outright but new installation.


Bablink as a resourceful contractor with seasoned understanding of the expectation of CNL, was duly selected to provide these services at the Flowstation. The fabrication and installation project was complted successfully.

The work were carried out safely within schedule and in accordance with CNL specification.


NGC 24" x 56Km Gas Pipeline constructino was completed in 2012. The pipeline was subjected to necessary pre-commissioning to ascertain the quality of the contruction project at large.


NGC contracted Bablink Resources for the precommissioning work and it was carried out successfully with emphasis on delivery time and safety.

The project was successfully completed with Zero LTI, using Bablink assembled pumps and experts professionals.

Repair of Olero - Abiteye 18" Curde Oil pipeline

In a bid to maximize production vis avis the existing Zero - impact policy on product pipeline, Chevron Nigeria Limited mobilized Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited on 24th November, 2011 to decommission illegal tap points existing on their 18" Bulk line at Olero-Abiteye end of pipeline.


The removal of the illegal points also included the repair of such impacted sections. This activity was successfully carried out with 100% local manpower.


At the completion of all works, it was reported by Chevron Swamp Operation that no company till Bablink Resources Nigeria Limited has ever carried out repairs and delivered the pipeline within the time used in the execution of the pipeline repairs.


BABLINK fabricated r 20,000 piping spools; approximately 80,000 joints of various classes of materials from CS, SS, Inconel, Monel & LTC steel to specification. The community affairs management of this project cut across seven (7)  communities in Warri; Delta State and the experienced challenges cannot be over emphasized. Towards achieving local development initiative target, was able to train over 100 staffs, 70% of whom are locals from the community. in areas of welding (SMAW, GTAW), fitting, rigging, quality control, material identification, etc.

The project was successfully compleled with 100% utilization of local manpower. However it was observed and concluded that the overall gains of the project could have been more, should the Nigerian (Local) Content Index have been between 80% to 90%.


In a bid to put the Chevron-Olero 18” Bulk line back to service, CNL engaged the service of Bablink Ito carry out the  continuity and integrity test of the pipeline from the flow-station to WELLS 6 and 17 respectively. 

The operation involved Pumping services, Cutting, Fitting, Welding, Leak Probe and Survey works to identify discontinuous sections along the pipeline. All identified leak sections were eliminated and reported for further repair or replacement Works. 

The project was completed successfully, using 100% local manpower and some of the equipment that were used in the executing the protect are designed and constructed by BRNL.


BABLINK between 2009 and 2010 pre-commissioned all spools and lines ranging from 2” 00 to 24” 00 for the Chevron OEGM project; which covers Olero North flow station, Olero water and Compressor stations etc. 

All pre-commissioning works were carried out with standard engineering practice and in accordance with the CNL specification. The subjected test pressures for this service ranges from 200 to 2,225 psi. 
Project was successfully completed with 100% local manpower and 95% Local Content Achieved.


Between 2009 and 2010, Resources Nigeria Limited executed for Nestoil PLC, the Hydrotesting of the 6 river crossing sections on the NEMBE to CAWTHORNE CHANNEL 24” trunkline (NCTL) and also executed per scope are; 
- Fabrication of Scraper traps 
- Fabrication of Test head and 
- De-oiling and abandonment of de-commissioned lines on the NCTL 24” pipeline construction project.

Project was successfully completed with 100y local manpower and 95% Local Content Achieved.


In 2006, constructed 12km stretch of 6” Umutu-Umusadege production lines for Platform Petroleum Limited; a world class Nigerian independent marginal field operator with capacity of over 5,000 bpd. 

All works on the pipeline construction project were carried out in compliance with standard specification. Manpower factor on the project is 100% Local and all resources for this project are 90% locally sourced. 

In all, The 6” x 12Km pipeline construction project lasted for a period of 4 months with approximately 55,000 Manhours consumed with Zero LTI. In all, it was a successful project with evidenced records in community affairs management, youth empowerment and client approved and appreciated service on the field development works.


In a bid to commence and increase production after the 2005 Niger Delta Crisis, Chevron engaged  BABLINK in 2006, to  replace all the damaged and salvaged sections on the RMP 9 production and gaslift lines from the manifold to Jackets  41 and 36 respectively.

The structural component of the repair works was carried out with intensive replacement of structural features; ranging from hand rails, gratings, ladders on the platform to the risers and hook up arms on the well Jackets and manifold. 

The project was successfully completed after 60 days of continuous work, with time consumption of approximately 60,000 Man-hours in Management, Engineering and Installation works. 

The project was completed using 100% Local manpower with remarkable community affairs management, in spite of the crisis that impacted the area.


ln 2005, BABLINK successfully carried out Pre-commissioning works on SPDC I B+B Odidi TO Focados 16” x 30 km Gaslink pipeline. The executed scope of work includes; 
- Fabrication of scraper traps - 
- Fabrication of test header 
- River Crossing section Hydrotest 
- Main line Pigging (Cleaning, Filing, Dewatering, Intelligent Pigging and Drying operations) 
- Main line Hydrotest 
- Purging and Nitrogen packing

In spite of the huge technical and community challenges, the Project was successfully completed with 100% local manpower and 98% Local Content Index Achieved.


In 2009, BABLINK replaced some salvaged sections along the RMP 17 production (6”) and gaslift (2”) pipelines. The replaced sectional length is approximately 2Km in all from the RMP 17 to the associated well jackets 23 and 21 respectively. 

Structural works, an integral part of the scope was carried out on the Remote manifold platform and well head jackets. Total replacement of all handrails, gratings, supports, ladders, pipe clamps and riser arms were carried out in accordance with Chevron Specification. 

Project was successfully completed within 30 days (18,000 Man-hours), with 100% local manpower and 90% Local Content Index Achieved.


At the resolution of Niger Delta, Warri crisis of 2005, BABLINK was engaged by Chevron to carry out preliminary assessment of the heightened damages impacted on all their surface facilities onshore (swamp field and operations) as a result of the crisis. The report from the executed assessment later formed the preliminary basis of scheduling al the reparatory works required to put the facilities back into service. 

The damage assessment project was a success.  BABLINK was able to execute the works to Chevron’s satisfaction and al works per the assessment service was completed within schedule. Scope of work covered: Well heads, Production and Gaslift Pipelines, Manifolds, Compressor stations, Water Stations, Production equipments and other important surface facilities. 

The assessment works was completed successfully in 2005 and all reports were submitted for further advisory and repair works. The project was achieved with 100% Local manpower and lasted for about 5 months (70,000 man-hours).


In 2007, Chevron engaged BABLINK to Design, fabricate Pile and Install Escravos South Jetty and boat landing to enable access of community personnel on the EGTL and EGP Projects to the facilities. 

All Jetty and boat landing Prefabrications, Logistics, Piling, Installations and coating works were carried out to Standard engineering and CNL Specification.

Project was completed successfully, using 100% Local Manpower and g5% Local Content Achievement in overall.


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